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  • What are the advantages of J&T Express?

    1. J&T Express provide free Pick up Service (without additional fees, minimum weight and number). Free pick up service available with call 24-hour call center  023 918 918 to order

     2. You can easily find out the shipping tariff, and check the nearest drop point (branch office) to your location through the application and website.

    3. The facilities trace & tracking system will make you easier to track your packages' location during the shipping process.

     4. J&T Express Drop points operate every day (including weekends, and National Holidays)

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  • What if there is damage and loss of package when shipping?
  • What happens if the customer sends a package containing Dangerous Goods?
  • How to report complaints and advices?
  • What kind of J&T Express services?
  • How to change the address when the package has been sent?
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  • How to send liquid goods through J&T Express?